Haitian journalists investigate the reconstruction after the earthquake
  Open space for development organizations to admit and learn from failure for more effective aid
  African parody of charity advertisement
  Series of satirical, ironic, humorous, but always honest vignettes of the aid industry from the inside
  The Humanitarian Response Index is an independent civil society initiative to annually assess and rank wealthy countries against their commitment to improve the quality and effectiveness of their humanitarian assistance
  Invoking a different policy for development
  Linda Polman, journalist and author specialized in aid.
  Website of Alice Smeets | the director of AIDependence
  Wallonie Image Production:




Linda Polman   The crisis caravan
Mark Schuller   Killing with Kindness
Mark Schuller   Tectonic Shifts
Dambisa Moyo   Dead Aid
Paul Collier   The Bottom Billion
William Easterly   The white man’s burden
Timothy Schwarz   Travesty in Haïti
Jonathan Katz   The big truck that went by
Yanick Lahens   Failles